Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

This article describes the term "Independent Medical Examination" or "IME" as used in injury, workers' compensation or disability cases. As pointed out in the article, these examinations are not really independent but are merely examinations performed by a doctor with a relationship with the insurance company or insurance industry. Here at Carroll & Carroll, P.C., we call them exactly what they are, Defense Medical Examinations, or "DME."

Please refer to another library item regarding "What to do at a DME." This is a standard letter that we send to all of our clients who have to attend a defense medical examination. These are when the insurance company hires a doctor to exam the plaintiff and render an opinion that the defense will use in a Pennsylvania workers' compensation case. These exams are more commonly referred to as IME's or Independent Medical Exams, but we and C&C Law think there's nothing independent about them.

The exams are for the defense so let's just call them that-- Defense Medical Exams. Usually, the doctor conducting the exam is well known with the insurance industry and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year conducting exams for the insurance industry. I ask independent is that!?!? The attached documents are good rules to follow when you have to attend one of these exams.

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