Friday, April 20, 2012

Woman Injured During Sex On Business Trip Gets Workers' Compensation

I call that some good lawyering.....

An Australian female civil servant woncompensation for an injury sustained while having sex on a business trip, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
The Australian Federal Court ruled the woman was entitled to compensation claim for facial and psychological injuries suffered when a light fixture fell off the wall and on top of her in a motel room bed where she was having sex with a male friend.
The woman, who remains anonymous to protect her identity, suffered injuries to her nose, mouth and a tooth from the glass light hitting her face, according to the BBC.
The incident, which took place in November 2007, reverses a previous lower court decision.
As an employee for Australia's Commonwealth Government agency, the woman's lawyer argued 
sex was an ordinary incident of life in a hotel room, reports
Because the woman had been on a work trip, the judge made the decision to compensate her for the incident.
"If the applicant had been injured while playing a game of cards in her motel room, she would have been entitled to compensation," Justice John Nickolas said.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fewer children die in accidents as number of car crashes falls

Having many children of my own...and doing what I do with representing people injured in auto collisions, etc., these types of articles always come onto my radar screen.

The percentage of children and teenagers being killed in an accident has dropped while the the amount of young people dying from prescription drug overdoses has spiked.

The death rate for children 19 and younger has tumbled 30 per cent from 2000 to 2009, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meanwhile, accidental poisonings for that age group jumped up by 80 per cent.

To see the whole article from The Daily Mail online, click here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What to do if you have a work injury on a gas well site?

Accidents on Gas Well sites are far too common in the Marcellus Shale region. This is partly due the fact that a number of different types of specialists and companies are having to work together in a confined area and often with different and varying standards of safety and procedures.

But it is also often that the person or public body responsible for the overall safety of the site has simply not taken enough care over the arrangements or not properly checked that any safety procedures have been properly implemented.

Whatever the cause, injuries on a well pad site very often result in very serious and sometimes fatal injuries and such accidents can commonly occur in the following circumstances:

Being struck by falling loads or equipment

Lifting heavy loads without proper training and supervision

Working with asbestos without proper protection

Not being provided with adequate equipment or clothing (such as a hard hat)

Accidents caused by faulty plant or machinery

Being hit by moving vehicles such as fork lift truck or bulldozer

Falling from a height or from ladders or scaffolding


Toxic exposure

Co-workers who are too tied and overworked being careless.

What sort of compensation might you receive? Compensation for a gas well site injury is to cover for the pain and suffering and distress caused by the injury and also for any loss of earnings, medical fees, rehabilitation costs- in fact any financial loss that has been caused by the accident. As far as possible you should keep any record (such as receipts, prescriptions etc) of payments you have made for things bought as a result of the injury. If the injury is caused by a co-worker, then your only option is getting wage and medical benefits through your employer's workers' compensation insurance company.  If the injury was caused by a third party-- such as an employee from another company working on the site-- then you can also get money for pain and suffering, assuming we can prove that the third party's actions were negligent.

What should I do if I have had an accident on a Gas Well Site? If you have had an accident, however minor, you should ensure that you take the following steps if possible (and as soon as you can after the accident)

Report the accident to your employer or supervisor and make sure it is recorded somehow, such as an incident report, etc.

Take photographs of where you had the accident

Take photos of any of your injuries such as cuts or abrasions as soon as possible after the accident

Keep a record of any potential witnesses to the accident who may be able to help in any future claim as necessary.

Is there a time limit for bringing a Claim? Yes, there are strict time limits for bringing a claim if you have had an accident on a Gas Well site.  There are different time limitations for workers' compensation claims and for negligence lawsuits.  So, the best course of action is to contact an experienced lawyer immediately.  You should contact a lawyer who is both experienced in workers' compensation as well as filing lawsuits, since those areas of the law are very different.

Shift workers 'risking' Type 2 diabetes and obesity

This article from BBC News is fascinating.  Over the past several years we've been seeing several studies about shift work and its effects on the body.  One that comes to mind is the relation between shift work and cancer.  But there just hasn't been any hard evidence yet.  I think we're coming closer to at least determining some of the risks of shift work and abnormal sleep patterns. am I going to prove that someone's Type 2 Diabetes is work related...hmmmmm...thinking...thinking..... 

Shift workers getting too little sleep at the wrong time of day may be increasing their risk of diabetes and obesity, according to researchers.The team is calling for more measures to reduce the impact of shift working following the results of its study.
Researchers controlled the lives of 21 people, including meal and bedtimes.
The results, published in Science Translational Medicine, showed changes to normal sleep meant the body struggled to control sugar levels.Some participants even developed early symptoms of diabetes within weeks.
Lead researcher Dr Orfeu Buxton said: "We think these results support the findings from studies showing that, in people with a pre-diabetic condition, shift workers who stay awake at night are much more likely to progress to full-on diabetes than day workers. "Since night workers often have a hard time sleeping during the day, they can face both circadian [body clock] disruption working at night and insufficient sleep during the day. "The evidence is clear that getting enough sleep is important for health, and that sleep should be at night for best effect."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When are we going to require school busses to have seat belts?

A school bus carrying high school basketball players and a van collided Monday afternoon in Bradford County, sending some students to the hospital, according to a parent whose child was on the bus.  State police confirmed the crash happened about 4:30 p.m. on Route 414 near Leroy. The parent said the bus was carrying Canton Area Junior Senior High School boys’ and girls’  basketball teams on their way to Towanda for games. The parent added many of the girls were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries.
See the full story here.  And when are we going to start requiring seat belts in busses that carry our children??!?  Why isn't that a law yet?