Thursday, November 29, 2012

Man hurt in workplace accident recovers more than $12M

A jury awarded more than $12 million to a man who claimed that he sustained brain damage in a workplace accident. The matter dates to June 16, 2007, when Victor Munoz fell off of a ladder while painting the exterior of a Manhattan hotel. 

He sustained fractures of a shoulder, his spine and several ribs, and he contended that he also sustained a brain injury that resulted in severe impairment of his balance and damage of his hearing and vision. 

Munoz sued the hotel's owner, operator and landlords. The defendants traded blame, but Judge Joan Madden deemed that all were liable. A jury awarded $12,320,856.69 to Munoz and $700,000 for his wife's derivative loss. The judgment will be paid by Munoz's employer, which was a third party to the suit.

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