Friday, August 17, 2012

Progressive Insurance is being taken to the wood shed

Progressive Insurance is being taken to the wood shed...via the internet.  I'm not sure if you've heard about this story yet but it's becoming viral.  Here's where it all started.  I'm seeing it all over the place now.  It gives me a little peace of mind that...finally...the unfair tactics insurance companies use in automobile accident cases are becoming well known.

Of course, this story deals specifically with Progressive, but all auto insurance companies act this way.  I see it every day in my practice.  Insurance companies deny claims, refuse to pay a fair amount for someone's injuries caused by a negligent driver, commit fraud, delay trials and justice, etc. etc.  They are not in the business of helping their customers...they are in the business of denying benefits owed to their customers.

So, if you're sitting on a jury in a auto crash case or a truck crash case, just remember this story and know that the reason you are there is because some insurance company somewhere is trying to screw over a plaintiff.

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