Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Child Labor Rules Stalled At White House As Farm Accidents Continue

Good read from HuffingtonPost.com. We live in a very rural area where many kids and teenagers live and work on farms. Farming can certainly be a dangerous place. Actually, Bradford County's District Attorney, Dan Barrett, lost an arm in a farming accident when he was a teenager.

Last week, two 17 year olds were critically injured in Oklahoma when they were pulled into a grain augur while on the job. Responders had to cut the augur to free the boys, who were flown to a hospital with severe leg injuries.

Yet the White House continues to sit on new child labor rules proposed last year by the Department of Labor that some safety advocates say could have prevented that accident.

Although the rules proposed by the Labor Department have not yet been made public, sources familiar with them say they would deem certain work activities on farms too dangerous for minors to perform, potentially strengthening laws that haven’t been updated in 40 years.

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