Thursday, December 9, 2010

Injured Workers Pharmacy

One of the many issues that haunt our Pennsylvania workers' compensation clients is the payment of work-related medical bills, particularly prescriptions. Often times, the insurance company withholds payments to the pharmacy or refuses to refund out of pocket prescription payments that the injured worker makes. Sometimes it's just a matter of too much red tape and paperwork that gets in the way, thus preventing injured workers their needed prescriptions in order to get better.

One of the ways to fix this problem is to insert a "middle-man" into the mix. That's where a company called Injured Workers' Pharmacy comes in. I'm not associated with this company in any way. However, many of my clients have used their resources.

Here's a blurb from their promotional materials:

IWP is a national pharmacy service working on behalf of injured individuals. As an advocate for those who have been injured, IWP takes the financial burden out of the medication process by shipping medications directly to the patient and collecting payment from the insurance company.

We provide Workers' Compensation medications for injured workers. We are an independent pharmacy service, which means we're concerned with your interest. And yours alone.

Call us and we'll ship your Workers' Compensation medications right to your door, hassle free. We'll work on your behalf, filling your prescription needs even if your claim has been denied or goes through litigation.

What Can I expect from IWP?

Your prescriptions and medical equipment when you need it
A dedicated customer service team
Licensed pharmacists available for consultation
Free next day home delivery for all approved claims
Multi-lingual assistance
Caring, respectful, professional service
Freedom from time and stress spent on phone calls and paperwork

What Won't I Have to Worry About?

Confusing claim forms
Out-of-pocket expenses on approved Workers' Compensation claims
Waiting for reimbursement

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