Monday, September 28, 2009

Treatment Options for Scarring After an Accident

Many of our clients suffer from work related accidents that leave visible scarring. Over the years I have represented Pennsylvania workers' compensation claimants that have suffered from work related burns, cuts, etc., that can leave horrible looking scars.

I have blogged about how the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act treats scarring. An injured worker who suffers a scar is entitled to receive a specific amount of money based upon the severity of the scare, its location and your weekly compensation rate. You can only receive these types of scarring benefits for scars that are on the head or neck-- nothing for any other body part scarring such as on the hands or legs.

Over at the main Carroll & Carroll blog I've posted an article about the various treatments for scarring. Check it out here. Obviously, because the treatment is for a scar that is work related, then the workers' compensation insurance company must pay for whatever treatment is necessary.

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