Friday, July 3, 2009

Rumors of Ingersoll-Rand Athens, Pa Plant Closing

Once again, there are rumors circulating throughout the Valley that the Athens, PA Ingersoll-Rand plant is going to completely shut its doors. Every few years this rumor seems to pop up. But this time around, there's more to the story.

As detailed in a recent Morning Times article, there are approximately 174 people employed at the Athens, PA plant. Compare this to the plant's heyday in 1967 when 1800 people were employed at the plant.

According to an anonymous source inside the plant, 110 employees were let go since the beginning of 2009.

I would still bet against the plant closing, especially given the almost yearly rumors of a shut down. However, if you're an employee there and have a possible work injury that has not been officially accepted by IR's workers' compensation insurance company, now is the time to get it done. I have blogged about this before with regard to being laid off while on light duty work restrictions due to a work related injury. If so, you should be automatically put back on total disability and receive your full disability rate. However, this will not happen if your claim has not been officially accept.

As for comment by corporate headquarters on the possible plant closing:

“We don’t ever comment on anything in the future,” said Susan Jaramillo, director of communication for the corporate headquarters."

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