Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New procedure as alternative to lumbar fusion surgery

Many of our clients suffer from back injuries and symptoms emanating from their spine. Also, many of our clients treated at the Southern New York Neurosurgical Group, specifically by Dr. Bajwa or Dr. Sethi.

I just noticed an ad in a free health magazine from Dr. Bajwa and Dr. Sethi requesting patients to be enrolled in a new study. The doctors are conducting an investigational research trial with a surgically implanted motion restoring device that replaces the facet joints of the spine as an alternative to fusion surgery.

They are asking for anyone to contact them that has experienced chronic leg pain with or without back pain, have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and are considering surgery as a treatment option. The participants must be between 50 and 85 years of age and can not have a history of fusion surgery of the lumbar spine.

People who are interested are urged to call the Southern New York Neurosurgical Group at (607) 754-6247

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